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The 24th of September 2021 was an unforgettable day for the targeted beneficiaries under Agape Family Care; the elderly and vulnerable. The targeted had the opportunity to receive from the hands of love, generosity and kindness of Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa herself.

Her mission on this day was to personally restore hope through her acts of charity. Keeping up with COVID 19 protocols; approved numbers, masking up, social distancing and sanitization were all observed during the donation process. Present at the donation was one of Agape Family Care’s oldest beneficiaries; Tafara-based Gogo Chari aged 99. Also as part of the beneficiaries were 10 members of the Deaf Community who are part of the individuals that receive support and livelihood sustenance from Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa

.Jubilation, celebration and appreciation was the order of the day as people received their donation packages comprising of: mealie meal, juice, cooking oil, rice, sugar, flour, laundry soap, bathing soap, sugar beans and tea.

These donations do not only benefit individuals but they sustain the livelihood of households that have an average of 5 members. With many still recovering from the economic effects and impact of the COVID Pandemic these donations bring a measure of normalcy to the beneficiaries. Receiving such a measure of love, kindness and support during difficult times will certainly restore hope and enable them to look to the future with hope.

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