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Over the years, Ruth Emmanuel Makandiwa has made her birthday, a special day that she does not celebrate by herself and her loved ones only, but a day where she puts smiles on the less privileged and neglected in the society.

She has made her life a reason for someone out there, with dwindling hope and a broken spirit, to smile once more, reminding them that God loves them.

This year, she celebrated her birthday with over 600 inmates at the Chikurubi Farm Prison, Chikurubi Female Prison and the Chikurubi Psychiatric Prison in a special way that left all of them convinced that indeed, the love of God is unconditional and it overflows, even over prison walls.

In this Prisons Outreach Program that was carried out on the 6th of September 2022 at the mentioned prisons ran with the theme “Freedom Behind Bars”. This theme was mainly centred on reminding and encouraging that even though they are behind bars, God’s love can give them the freedom to be free from depression and stress as they serve their time and work on their rehabilitation and reintegration into the society.

Every inmate at the Chikurubi Farm Male Prison and the Chikurubi Female Prison received a food hamper and a 20 litre bucket from Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa in celebration of her birthday. Each food hamper contained a loaf of bread, 2 kg of sugar, a pack of tea bags, 2 litres of juice, a face towel, soap, a toothbrush and toothpaste, fruits, a pack of toilet paper and a pack of corn snacks. For the female inmates, each and every one of them also received sanitary pads.

The inmates’ hearts here touched by what Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa did for them, unconditionally, as some of them never had visitors since they started serving their time in prison. They celebrated in song and dance, with grateful hearts and cheerful smiles.

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